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22 December 2006 @ 11:25
The hills are alive with the Sound of Stupid  
Well, it's the festive season, and that means The Sound of Music.
(Actually, that's a long running gag that I don't think was true even when I was a really young kid. I've never seen the film, at Christmas or any other time.)

And so, in the spirit of giving, I offer you this Sino-English bilingual version of the Do-Re-Mi song.

豆,a bean, as in 豆腐
热,the opposite of cold
米,is rice or a unit of length
发,to emit and not withhold
搜,to search within a place
辣,means hot but not like 热
替,to stand in for or replace
Which brings us back to 豆,豆,豆。
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